Community Service Quilts 2014

Friday, October 18, 2013

Fabric Shopping in Europe

Lucky guild member C recently traveled to Europe and had a good time fabric shopping (among other things). First she found a quilt shop in Munich, Germany. It was evening and closed, so a return trip the next morning was a requirement.

Next C visited guild member, S, who is living in Paris, France for two months. They had a fun time shopping on the Fabric Street where there are umpteen fabric shops in a row. Very beautiful stuff and too tempting to go into all those shops at one time. Uffda! C declined to go into them all, thinking about her groaning credit card and the additional weight of fabric on the return flight home.

First picture is proof they were in Paris.. C and S in front of l'Arc de Triomphe.

One shop had the coolest miniaturized mannequins, wearing mini outfits made from the shop's fabrics.

S bought a gorgeous piece that will be used to make a tablecloth, and C neglected to photograph it! (How did that happen??) C bought a few pieces of fabric and a pretty length of ribbon... now to decide how to use them!

Oops.. one fabric was sitting elsewhere and didn't get into the photo.

Maybe we should do a guild Field Trip to Paris??? Each of us can take an empty suitcase along, to be filled with fabric.