Community Service Quilts 2014

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

May the Quilts be With You

Dixie was rockin' some funky hair tonight at our May DCSQ meeting! It's actually a knitted hat that K.G. gave her to wear while D. is hair-less. Dixie has been battling cancer and has lost her hair.

This is the group quilt that we made for Karen while she battles breast cancer. She is well enough to come to our meetings, which is wonderful! (That's not Karen in the photo.) Too many people have cancer! It's a tough disease, but we hope Dixie and Karen are tougher!

Does anyone recognize these blocks? I bought them at our show store a year ago. This year I put them together to make this quilt for Dakota Woodlands. We had some gorgeous quilts donated from someone's estate... all for Dakota Woodlands. We got 26 of them in all, but only saw 6 of them tonight. Wish I had taken pictures of them, especially the hand quilted lovely Amish quilt that was just gorgeous!

-- from Carol E.

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