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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Another Fun Sewing Day in SSP

Today we gathered at the museum for a Bundles of Love sewing day.. got a lot done, and had a great time. Click on this picture to see it larger.

Gail is holding a beautiful quilt she made and finished for Dakota Woodlands. Cindy is holding a cheerful quilt top donated by Sally. Mary is holding a nicely colorful BOL quilt top that she will machine quilt. The rest of us are holding projects we worked on today.

Here is a beautiful quilt that Karrie donated for Dakota Woodlands. She said it's an early project, maybe even "pre-rotary-cutter!"

See if you can pass our little quiz:

Match each name with the correct statement below -- Carol, Trish, Cindy, Karrie, Gail, Patty, Mary

1) This person was born in Oregon, then moved to many other places including St. Louis, Houston, and Chicago.
2) This person is originally from St. Joseph, Missouri ("Missourah"), the birthplace of the Pony Express.
3) This person marched with the color guard/marching band in President Nixon's inaugural parade.
4) This person's first job at age 15 was as an orthodontic assistant, something for which she had received NO training.
5) This person was born in Panama and is a preacher's kid.
6) This person is a new grandma and made a cute quilt which will be for use at Grandma's house. Her gift to grandchild was a swimming suit.
7) This person was once a sales person with a steel production company; her customers were farmers who were not used to dealing professionally with women.

There is a fat quarter for the first person who gets all 7 correct in a comment here at the blog! (Sorry, the seven people who are the answers are NOT eligible to play!)


Elizabeth Tobias said...

1 Trish
2 Cindi
3 Patti
4 Gail
5 Carol
6 Mary
7 Karrie

Carol E. said...

Two correct! Can anyone do any better? come on, make some wild guesses!!!