Community Service Quilts 2014

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Quilt Donations!

At our June meeting we completed our one-year project of quilts for beds at Hovander House (a transitional housing unit for men with serious mental illness conditions). We presented the quilts to the Program Director and the Social Worker from Hovander House. Take a look: And that is just the beginning! We also completed our first year of a two-year project, making quilts for Bundles of Love (quilts and other newborn necessities provided to families who cannot afford these items on their own). Previously we donated about 18 quilts. Tonight we donated... drum roll, please..... 100 quilts! Feast your eyes on the lovelies: In addition to quilts, we donated some knitted hats (I got no picture of those) and some knitted blankets and a sweater: I would call this a very successful year! Kudos to all who worked so diligently on these quilts and other projects. They'll be greatly appreciated by the recipients.