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Saturday, May 16, 2009

May Meeting with Diane

Diane Schotl was our speaker this month. She talked about the process of deciding how to quilt a top. Of course there is never just one correct way. She showed us how she examines different options. She even had some sample, duplicate quilts that she had quilted in different ways. Very informative!

The photo below shows some marks Diane has made on a transparency to consider different quilting options.

(Jean's pretty jacket reminds me of the chewing gum paper chains I used to make in junior high!)

During the break the library did some brisk business.

This month was a tea towel exchange, moved from the December meeting in hopes of getting more participation. Ooops! Only two people played, so they just exchanged tea towels. Well, they both did nice spring themes.

Susie did some quilt show wrap up. We voted for next year's board. And we had our usual lovely Show and Tell.

See you again next month, on June 9.

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