Community Service Quilts 2014

Monday, November 24, 2008

Retreat 2008

These three won't reveal any secrets, but rest assured, we had a great time and got lots done. Come with us next year, November 12-15, 2009!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Bags of Marvelous Stuff

This month we got to see the quilts made from the Bag of Stuff challenge. A person puts scraps of her choice into a bag. The bags are re-distributed and are only known by the coordinator who assigns them a number... so the quilter who receives the bag does not know to whom it belongs. The quilter person makes a small quilt, and in November brings the completed quilt back to our meeting (hiding in the numbered paper bag.) After it's revealed, the quilt is returned to the person who put the scraps in the bag. You know what's the funny part? Almost no one can remember what their fabric was, or they don't recognize their fabric in the finished quilt. Who it belongs to is always a surprise.

People go home with a beautiful quilt in place of the scraps they had placed in the bag. The people who did not participate get to see a whole slew of beautiful quilts. This year's rule was to include a curve somewhere in the quilt. It was fun to see all the various ways in which people incorporated curves. Here are just a few examples of the gorgeous quilts that resulted from this challenge.