Community Service Quilts 2014

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

May Flowers

Guess what I forgot to take to this month's meeting -- my camera! Bummer. I will now subject you to viewing some of my drawings. Instead of photographing the event, I drew it, but only a few, so you're being spared enormous pain.

We had elections for new officers, which meant tonight was Carol J's last evening as president. It was a good year, Carol J. Thanks for your gentle and kind leadership this year. This is a really BAD rendition of poor Carol J. Her hair is not that messy, and she is a cute woman, not ugly like this portrays.

Then Sylvia talked to us about needle-turn applique. She has done some BEAUTIFUL work. See? This is an example of one of her earlier projects. (Just imagine this in fabric, in living color, etc.)

And she showed us what a FQ turns into in the hands of an appliquer.

I was very impressed and loved Sylvia's gorgeous applique work, but I will never turn into an appliquer. Sorry.. my ADD prevents me from taking that on. Believe me, the applique world is better for not having me attempt to join them.

Luckily Beth was taking lots of pictures, so you can see them at the web site. See the link to the right. Next month will be June. Wait a minute.... I'm still thinking this is February or March! What is going on here??