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Monday, January 28, 2008

Want my Place in Class?

I signed up for Karen A's "Strips and Curves" class, and now I can't take it. Does anyone want my spot? It's on Feb 9th. Unfortunately I had completely forgotten about a previous commitment, so I can't do the class. If you want my slot, please contact me! I would love for someone to take my place in class so it's not wasted.

Carol E.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Quilters Without Borders

OK, today's title is just a play on words, but what we did talk about at our January meeting was borders. Some quilters may feel they are without border ideas... so Carol J. gave us an interesting slide show on the different types and varities of borders one could use to jazz up a quilt. It was fun to see all the examples! If you want a unique border, something more than just a chunk of fabric, it is clear that a good imagination will provide you with endless options. [and of course Carol offered a list of resources - good books with good border ideas]

We managed to suffer through the bylaws discussion without coming to blows.. at least this month. Carol J. is bravely marching us through the entire bylaws revision process, a little at a time, trusting that we can remain at peace while doing so.

Show and Tell made it worth sitting through the bylaws part of the meeting. What gorgeous quilts! The talent in this guild is amazing. Let me just say, as editor, that I happen to know that the two featured quilters this year are feeling humble in the presence of most of you and your amazing talent! Please keep this in mind while gazing upon their work.

Looking forward to the show! It opens on Feb 6 at the Dakota County Historical Society. We know of one person coming all the way from California to see our show! Check out our web site for details (see link to the right).