Community Service Quilts 2014

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Build Up Your Store Stash!

Remember at our show in February, we didn't have a lot of fabric options for sale in the store!? Fabric is the most popular sales item, and we hope to have more of it at next year's show. Why not start a Store Stash on a corner of your sewing table? Set a box there, and when you run across fabrics that you no longer want, or you use part of it and decide you can stand to share the rest of it, just toss it into the box, and it will be ready for the next show when we start the formal collection time. Here's mine, already getting full

Monday, June 18, 2007

A Sneak Preview?

The committee working on the 2008 show is considering Pam Witt of Omaha as a possibility for our speaker. Please check out my other blog, Giraffe Dreams, and see the post from Friday, June 15. Follow this link and you'll get a sneak peek at some of Pam's quilts. She spoke last week at Woodbury, and several of us from DCSQ attended. She is entertaining and has beautiful quilts!

DCSQ members, please take note of the message I wrote at the end of that post (at the other blog). If you can help find another guild or shop that can share expenses with us, we could book Pam for 2008. Read the message and see if you know anyone who would like to share. If you find any possibilities, get in touch with Jacquie Register.

It was fun to see a bunch of you at the MQ show on Friday. My in-laws enjoyed the great quilts, but had to sit down and rest while I visited the vendors. Good thing they waited patiently. I got stuck in a few lines at the vendors. I bought some red and blue fabrics and made these blocks (designed by Carol Doak). I'm trying to figure out a setting... if you're curious, you can see more setting ideas at my other blog, Giraffe Dreams.

See you at the picnic in July!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Hearts, Dogs and Chickens

We started a new fiscal year in our guild and have a new president, Carol Jacobs. Do you think we should find her a shorter podium? Or maybe a box to stand on? (Just kidding. The angle of this photo makes her appear more hidden than she really was.)

Last night at our meeting people showed quilts from various projects. This is Stephanie showing us her dog-theme row-by-row quilt.

And here's another from the same row-by-row group, this one in a chicken theme.

A few people showed heart quilts they had made when battling breast cancer. They credited these hearts and the support of friends with helping them heal. Another guild member needs heart blocks. She was recently diagnosed with breast cancer and is undergoing chemo. Jackie Swift, we wish you all the best and send you our hugs along with the heart blocks.
This is Jacquie R's.
This is Nanette's.

Here's one more program with which we send our hugs. Home of the Brave quilts go to families of Minnesota soldiers who died in Iraq or Afghanistan. Jean Loken leads this project. You can read more about it at this website. This is another completed Home of the Brave quilt, beautifully machine quilted by Diane Schotl.

I didn't stay for last night's program which was demos of 3-d techniques, such as folded flowers and yo-yo style techniques. Sorry, I have no pictures of that event. There were more quilts with folded flowers shown, but I did not get pictures of those, either. Trust me, they were beautiful. We have some VERY talented quilters in our guild, and the nice thing is, they are not judgmental about those of us who will never achieve such greatness.